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Binaural Ambient Sound is a personal binaural ambient music project.

A binaural sound is a sound that can be called "3D" in that it is possible to simulate a sound or a noise in a virtual world. If the user closes his eyes and imagines himself in an empty room, he will be able to locate the position of the sound source around him.

My idea was to couple this technology with already existing "zen" type applications which plays pre-determined relaxing ambient sounds. In this way, the user can create his own atmosphere by adding one or more sounds around him.


Mono Develop

Target platform



9 sounds are available, among which : rain, fireplace, grasshoppers, beach, etc.

The user can change the volume of each sound in addition to its position in the scene.

The application simulates the sound around the user based on each sounds pin on the screen. If a pin is in the middle, the sound is general.

Some screenshots

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