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Aldes ColorLINE © is an augmented reality application promoting the new Aldes ColorLINE © grids.

The application allows general public to discover the new range of air vents grid called ColorLINE ©, and visualize its integration directly at home. For this, the user must take a picture of is home, typically a wall or ceiling, and put the 3D grid object on top of it. He can then change the diameter of the grid, as well as its texture, size, position and rotation.

Aldes already had a base for this application, made by another developer who left the company before the release of the application. So I was in charge of taking over the application without the help of the previous developer, and finishing it.

Among other things, I realized the 3D controls allowing the user to freely place, scale and rotate the 3D models onto the picture, the saves system to keep the attributes (position, rotation, scale, diameter, texture, picture, etc) of the grid for every project created by the user, the localization system so that the application's language will automatically change to match the user's device language (French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish are supported), and the publication on the App Store and the Play Store.


Mono Develop

Target platform



The language of the application changes depending on the settings of the phone, and the user can force select a language directly into the application.

The user can share the final result on social networks, through email, message or any other compatible application.

Informations, 3D models, textures and projects are saved directly in the phone memory: the application works completely offline.

The user can take a photo with his camera, or load an existing one from his image library.

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