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Cooking Star Restaurant is a casual simulation/gestion game, that is part of Microids' My Universe saga, alongside School Teacher, Fashion Boutique, My Baby and Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs.

In Cooking Star Restaurant, the player manage a restaurant: alternate between welcoming customers, taking orders, cooking said orders, and greet new Chefs. In order to become the best restaurant in town, the player will learn new recipes. There is 6 different recipe per Chef, for 5 Chefs: that makes a total number of 30 recipes, from the classic Hamburger, to the sweet French dessert "Crême brulée". Each Chef has a special personality; the player will discover every one of them through narrative dialogs and cutscenes.

This game is my very first professional experience, as well as my very first Nintendo Switch and PS4 game. Both Nintendo Switch and PS4 versions have digital copy AND physical copy, while Windows and Mac versions have digital copy available on Steam.

For this project, I was in charge of almost all features in the restaurant scene: Chefs and Customers navigation, AI, the event system, dialog system, tutorial, kitchens and dining zones unlock system, setting up FSM and BT, animation controllers, Chefs and Restaurant experience, and so on. I was also in charge of publishing the game on Steam using .


Visual Studio

Target platform

Nintendo Switch


We use Cinemachine to give a more dynamic an neat feeling during the introduction, the narrative dialogs and the welcoming of new Chefs.

FSM (Final State Machines) and BT (Behaviour Trees) were used in order to get a more robust AI and a smoother gaming experience.

I took care of the Steam publishing using the Steamworks and SteamPipe.

The game is fully translated into 6 language: French, English, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Your restaurant evolve alongside your skills: the more customers you serve the more you unlock new chefs and dinning zones.

Track your progression and compete with your friend using achievements on both PS4 and PC.

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