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Free 2 Kill has been my first ambitious video game project created with FRoG Creator, a small French 2D ORPG engin based on Konfuze, developed in VB6.

The story takes place in a big city abandoned by the government, failing to regulate crime. Several groups try to take power, and the player is free to choose his side. The game is strongly inspired by the French movie Banlieu 13.

Being the only one to work on this project, I have worked on all aspects: scenario, graphics, sprites, mapping, integration, balancing, etc. In addition to the graphics and sprites that I realized, I relied on several resource packs found on the net.






I learned how the internet network works at a young age thanks to this project: local IP, subnet mask, port forwarding, redirection, etc ... My game was available all over the world from my personal computer.

The game included 6 different groups: hooligans, punks, hackers, scientists, police and messengers. Each group had different stats bonuses, as well as advantages in exploring the world (messengers, for example, could climb some obstacles where other players had to get around them).

More than 70 weapons were available, each with its own characteristics and graphic elements. View the Excel file here !

When FRoG source code was opened, I modified the user interface to better suit the ambiance of the game. Although at the time (2008 - 15 years) I did not know Visual Basic, I learned it by taking inspiration from the code already in place and by asking questions on the FRoG Creator forum.

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