About this project

Flappy Space is a copy of Flappy Bird that I developed on my free time.

While Flappy Bird was a real success in 2013, a Bachelor's Degree colleague asked me: "I wonder how long the developer took to make this game?". The answer is: between 2 and 3 days. He then jokingly asked me "And how long would it take to you?". I took it at his word, and started working on my own Flappy Game copy.

After 2 days I managed to have a result similar to Flappy Bird, but in 3D. I put 2 extra days to create 2 different levels, one in space, the other being a reference to the Portal game series.


Mono Develop

Target platform



Each level is unique : obstacles as well as decorations (planets, posters and turrets) are placed randomly in a defined zone.

I used particule emitters to add effects every time the spaceship jump, or when crashing on an asteroid.

In the space level, the top and the bottom of the screen are linked together : when the player "fall" on the bottom of the screen, he reappear on the top, and the other way around.

Some screenshots

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