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The objective of KeyOps is to re-invent the tracking and delivery of packages on the African continent.

Today in African countries, delivering a package is a hazardous task: there is no real monitoring, and the organization of agencies is what it is. There is no real way to ensure that the package arrives at the right destination.

KeyOps want to change that! The application, coupled with a back office, tracks every package from its registration in an agency, to its final delivery.

Only KeyOps operators (counter clerks, loaders and drivers) have this application, and the exchange of packages is done through a saquence of proprietary formated QR Code.

Destined for developing countries, the application must be rigorous on several points: it must be compatible with older versions of Android, support various screen resolutions (both low res and exotic), operate mostly offline, and be secured.

During this project I came to reinforce the development team. I wrote and automated functional tests, done developments on the co-opt, package creation and authentication, as well as ensuring the third-party application maintenance.


Android Studio
Google Vision

Target platform



Package exchanges are done via a proprietary formated QR Code. We used the ZXing library for this.

The application must also recognize characters written on a package. For this we used the Google Mobile Vision API to build the OCR.

The offline part was the biggest challenge: the application had to be as independent as possible from the network to meet the expectations of African users.

The African territory is almost exclusively composed of Android devices, hence the choice to develop only an Android application.

Among these Android smartphones, many are very old, almost obsolete. It was therefore necessary to optimize the application for devices with small screens and limited computing power.

Some screenshots

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