About this project

Lyon Mag is a news application that, in addition to displaying the latest information from Lyon, also allows users to interact with each other by posting comments, and view the latest release in movie theaters.

Lyon Mag was the first professional application I did during my internship in DUT IT & Computer Science at EG Digital.

The development of this application was from scratch, so I had to propose and set up an application architecture, and working hand in hand with graphic designers.



Target Platform



Sending a comment on an article is secured with an OAuth authentication. The comment is then hashed and salted before sending it to the server.

Previously downloaded news are stored in a database, so that the user can still read them even without an internet connection.

The app also includes ads, using Google AdMob.

Many reviews and positive feedback, with 10,000 to 50,000 downloads since its publication.

Unfortunately the company does not seem to keep the application up to date, which has not aged well!

Some screenshots

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