About this project

OQP is an IoT project proposed by Sully Group to answer the following problematic: how to release uncluttered meeting rooms, marked as busy on the schedule.

The project consists of an Arduino Uno, a Velleman VMA314 motion detector and a ESP8266 wifi module. Once connected, the device continuously scans the room. If no movement is detected after a set amount of time, a message is sent to the server to remove the reservation from the schedule.

I was in charge of picking and ordering the components, as well as hooking and programming the Arduino, while my colleague took care of the server side in node.js.



Target platform



In order to have a RESTful services, we used node.js and express on the server side.

The Arduino Uno board directly send AT commands using the ESP8266 microchip.

The final objective of this project is to equip all Sully Group's meeting rooms with this device.

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