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Proof of Delivery (POD) is a generic white label application allowing a deliveryman to provide a signed delivery order to the delivery company.

At the end of a delivery, the deliveryman ask the client to sign the delivery order. He then have to send that delivery order back to the delivery company, which scan it and save it in their database. It's a very tedious and time consuming task that Sully Group wanted to improve.

With the help of a colleague, we developed this cross-platform mobile application with Xamarin as a pre-sale product at Sully Group. The application let the deliveryman scanning the QR Code or the barcode from the delivery order, verify the delivery information (address, client name, etc), take a picture of the signed delivery order and send it directly to the delivery company IS. This workflow significantly speed up the process and save precious time for the delivery company.


Visual Studio

Target platform

Windows Phone


White label : this application is totally generic and can be adapted and quickly customized to any company: color, logo, language, etc.

Signed delivery orders are put in a sending queue to ensure that, even if the user is offline when taking the picture, the signed delivery order will still be send when the internet connection is back.

The application is cross-platform, meaning it works on both Android, iOS and Windows Phone

No login credentials : the application does not need login credentials in order to be used, that way the delivery company does not need to manage a whitelist and can freely give this application to any deliveryman. The delivery order ID (QR Code or barcode) is the unique key allowing to access the application.

Proof of Delivery is using XZing to scan QR Code and barcode

Some screenshots

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