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Space Dodger is a personnal project whose goal is to fly 2 spaceships through an infinite asteroid field.

Controls are simple : the 2 spaceships stay in the center of the screen when the player does not touch the screen. If the player touch the screen with one finger, the 2 spaceships goes to the position of the touch. Finally, if the player touch the screen with 2 or more fingers, the 2 spaceships split apart and goes to each side of the screen.

The further the player goes, the fastest the obstacles move, the more likely the player is to get a container. This container contains a random resource, and the higher the score, the more resources is in it.

Resources are used to unlock ships, upgrades and customizations in the research facility.

Most of the graphics come from opengameart.org, sounds from freesound.org, and background music from siriusbeat.com.


Visual Studio

Target platform



Every game is randomly generated: asteroids, waypoints and power-ups are randomly placed.

I have set up an algorithm that check if the player can actually goes through each obstacle, in order to always have a playable level.

At the end of a game, the player can get a container. This container contains one of the 4 available resource: metal, electronics, energy core and credits. Each one of those resources has his own probability of appearing in a container.

After accumulating enough resources, the player can go to the research facility to unlock ships, equipment and customizations.

The player can use credits to continue playing after a game over. Credits can be obtain by opening containers (fairly rare), watching an ad, or buying it with real money.

4 powerups periodically appears when playing: a shield to protect the spaceship picking it up, a salvo of laser shot to destroy incoming asteroids, a revive to bring a destroyed spaceship back and a slow down to reduce the speed of the ships.

Some screenshots

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