About this project

Times is a mobile application dedicated to the agents of a large French power distribution company, and was my first professional Xamarin project.

Every equipment and material of this company is equipped with a NFC chip, containing a unique identifier. The application allows agents to get the life circle of their equipment and materials directly from their phone.

The application also allows agents to get an inventory report, to get the state of an equipment or material, get its safety record and other informations and to scrap it if there is a defect.

Used on the field, the application provides a extra security to agents by ensuring their equipments and materials are safe for work.


Visual Studio

Target platform

Windows Phone


Cross-platform : the application works on both Android, iOS et Windows Phone.

This project teach me a lot: how architectures in Xamarin are set up, MVVM design pattern, how to access device's components in cross-platform (NFC reader, databases, accelerometer, etc).

The application uses the device's NFC reader to exchange with nearby NFC chip placed on equipments and materials.

If an equipment or a materials is not tagged yet, the application can write informations on the chip.

Some screenshots

For professional secrecy reason, the name and logo of the company and some other informations has been hidden.

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