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What Is Light? is my entry for the 2018 Brackeys Game Jam. This year, the theme was "Light". We had one week to create a game from scratch, meaning we couldn't use code, sounds, sprites, 3D model or any other assets that wasn't created during this particular week.

Light being both particle and wave, the player will have to switch between those two form to lead the light to the end of each level. As a wave you can see your surrounding, while as a particle you can move in straight lines. The game have 8 differents level, with multiple game mechanics and enemies.

I teamed up with Sancho, a random 21 years old teacher from Mexico I met on the Brackey's discord. I took care of the game design, development, sprites, dialogs, and publishing the game, while Sancho did the 3D models, the levels, and the background music.

Out of the 170 entries of the game jam, we finished at the 57th position (see more about that ranking). We are very proud of this ranking and the final result of our game since it was our first game jam for the both of us.

You can download the game for free on itch.io.


Visual Studio

Target platform



We used Pro Builder and Pro Grid to build the levels. This gave us more flexibility than using blender since we could modify the shape directly within Unity, which ends up in a huge time save.

I've set up a save system that keep track of player progression and statistics such as: current level, number of death, form switchs and jumps. If the player exit the game, he will be able to resume where he left, or restart every levels. Statistics are displayed on the credit scene.

In the very first iteration of the game, I simulated the field of view using a runtime generated mesh. While giving a better controle over what should be displayed to the player or not, this approach seemed too heavy and time consuming for a game jam. I decided to switch to a more simple approach, using and tweeking Unity lightning and materials.

We are aware that the game is lacking a couple things, especially musics and sounds effects. We figured out too late how important those two factors are for a game, and couldn't come with anything that would fit our game. That taught me a lesson: for the next game jam I'll make sure to team up with an audio artist.

Some screenshots

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